Admittedly, we're a sucker for make-over shows like What Not To Wear and How Do I Look?, and we're also a sucker for older gay men so it's no wonder that Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, which premiered on Bravo last night, is like, our favorite thing ever. (Slut Machine will have a video up later.) Gunn, who stole the show on Project Runway, helps women realize their fashion potential with the help of sidekick Veronica Webb. Rebecca, Gunn's first project, was really cute, but wore nothing but jeans and t-shirts that didn''t fit her great figure. Gunn spoke in his usual adorably-snooty tone and appeared traumatized when he witnessed Rebecca in a shapeless dress — "I'll say it, it was horrifying." God, why is it that gay men can get away with being so shallow and judgey-wudgey, but if Mandie Erickson said it she would sound so...cunty?


Anyway, to make a long story short, Veronica raided Rebecca's underwear drawer, Rebecca received an entire closet full of amazing clothes from designers like Catherine Malandrino (Um, can we please get on this show? We'd like to upgrade from Banana Republic to Malandrino, thanks), we learned such lessons as "one cannot address the issue of style until order has been brought to the closet", and then Tim cried at the end in a totally sincere way. (We kind of did too). Tim Gunn's Guide to Style [Bravo]