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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Weirdly, We Find Ourselves On Team Paris; Designer Goods Got 600% More Expensive In The Past Decade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Gwyneth Shoes is suing Paris Hilton for copyright infringement. Her alleged offense? Giving her shoes, in the heiress's words, "a heart-shaped comfort you can dance all night!" Gwyneth apparently considers all heart-shaped design features on insoles its property. [NYP]
  • A source says Kate Moss drank and ate so much over the holidays that her hangover forced her to forfeit a long-planned New Year trip to Thailand with boyfriend Jamie Hince, family, and friends, costing the model over £20,000. But did she at least get photographed eating? [Mirror]
  • Stephen Jones and Luella Bartley were among the British fashion figures named to the Queen's New Year Honors List. The milliner is to become an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, and the designer, whose company earlier this year ceased trading, will become a Member of the Order of the British Empire. [WWD]
  • Cathy Horyn investigates the ways in which apparel brands — from luxury names like Prada and Burberry to fast-fashion chains like Uniqlo — are embracing, and failing to embrace, digital media. Despite the fact that online is precisely where most customers and potential customers are, most brands could do better. [NYTimes]
  • Lady Gaga's appearance on Bravo's Launch My Line happens this January 6. Meanwhile, Starz also has a fashion show in development, but the network isn't talking about what, and whom, it might involve. [WWD]
  • Taylor Momsen: "My legs are really long and that's cool apparently, but I'm totally klutzy. I mean, I'm like Bambi. I fall all over myself because I can't control my arms and my really long legs." She describes her style as "baggy things. Like, I buy guys' clothes, like T-shirts, and I cut them up and wear them loose, but my blazers have to be really fitted. I also like layering things and really short skirts — or showing off my legs." [Seventeen]
  • News you can use: Tighty whities are the hot new/old thing in men's underpants. [NYTimes]
  • Apparently, the six months that have elapsed since the last time the New York Times described the fashion world as "marching" to an "African drumbeat" are sufficient to today repeat the phrase. The trend ouroboros has arrived, with an accompaniment of unexamined racism. [NYTimes]
  • You weren't going crazy during the past ten years, Expensive Shit did actually go from being Shit You Could Blow An Entire Paycheck On If You Were Crazy to Shit You Cannot Even Remotely Fathom Ever Paying For Even If It Were 60% Off At Loehmann's. Here are the numbers: the same Gucci bag that cost $500-$600 a decade a go now goes for $2,995-$9,900 — a 600% price increase — an Hermès Kelly bag jumped in price from $4,450 to $7,550, and a Chanel bag went up from $900 to $2,395. Strangely, the Fendi baguette bag has actually become less expensive — they ran for $1,250 in their early-aughts heyday, and can now be had for a little less than a grand on [Madison Avenue Spy]
  • PETA has named Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn its Woman and Man of the Year for their respective stances against fur. DeGeneres apparently makes the grade because she became a vegan in 2008, while Gunn narrated a PETA video about the worst excesses of the fur and snakeskin trades. [E!]
  • Pepe Jeans booked Alexa Chung — the model-turned-television-host whose MTV show just got canceled — for its spring campaign. [Fashion Verbatim]
  • Snowy weather on the East Coast during the last weekend before Christmas helped boost online shopping; people spent 13.9% more those two days this year than they did in '08. [WWD]
  • If you want to watch artsy close-ups of people with neat manicures making Maison Martin Margiela clothing while some trippy house plays, then this video's for you. [HuffPo]
  • Hugo Boss has announced it is closing its Cleveland plant, at a cost of 300 jobs. The workers will receive pay through April. [ABC]