Weinstein Company Owes Money to Malia Obama, David Bowie, and Many Others

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Pay your interns! And other people you owe money to.

Yesterday it was reported that the Weinstein Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


On Tuesday, Deadline obtained the full list of the company’s creditors, and it is massive. Of particular note, Malia Obama, who interned for the production company last year, turned up on the list. So did Michael Bay, Daniel Radcliffe, and Robert De Niro. Oh, and the New York Fire Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, Netflix, the American Cancer Society, and, of course, a number of former employees.

Weinstein’s company also somehow owes money to David Bowie.

For a fun evening at home, you can read the full 394-page list here. Knock yourself out.



Ben Affleck has put everything behind him. And by “everything” I mean “enraged rainbow dragon decoration.”


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