Weekly Standard Discovers HuffPo's Nip-Slip Sexism

Conservative columnist Mary Katharine Ham is disgusted by The Huffington Post's page-view strategy: "Somehow it's hard to take HuffPo's rant about Neanderthal Stupak-amendment supporters seriously when it's right next to Rihanna's exposed nipple and some D-lister's leaked sex tape." True.

Feminism is all the rage on the Right these days! Well, sort of. Ham is reiterating critiques that were already expressed by feminist bloggers six months ago. But hey, welcome to the party.

And regardless of the source, the critique of HuffPo's cynical, pageview-grabbing tactics — trashy slideshows of starlet flesh alongside liberal politics — still holds water. As Andrew Golis (Yahoo blogging "czar" and a Mr. Feministing) put it on Twitter, "When someone at the Weekly Standard can do this clean a hit on you on feminist grounds, you've got a problem."

HuffPo's Misogyny: The NSFW Path To Liberal Journalism Success [The Weekly Standard]

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