Wee Prince George Lands His First Vanity Fair Cover

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Baby's first glossy!

Vanity Fair is obsessed with the royals (and the Kennedys, and Marilyn Monroe) so it was just a matter of time before Tiny Prince George landed a cover story. You don't find an exclusive interview with the teething one-year-old, however. According to a press release, contributor Katie Nicholl will spill details on "George's colicky beginnings," finding the new nanny, and more:

Nicholl reports that William and Kate want George to enjoy a normal upbringing. They take George to playdates at the homes of friends, among them Kate's old Marlborough friend Alice St. John Webster, who has a baby several months older than George. As for speculation about when Prince George will have a sibling, Nicholl reports that there are rumors among the couple's friends that they plan to try this summer.


Wait: What happened to the TWINS the tabloids have claimed Kate Middleton was pregnant with at least four times?

It's unclear if there's any Wee Prince George potty training news inside — you'll have to pick up a copy of the mag.

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Huh. "Most Eligible Infant". That's... creepy as fuck. Right? Not just me?

(To clarify, delicious baby, horrible cover line.)