Wedding Party, Flower Girls Robbed of Everything at Joyous Photo Shoot

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A California couple who had just taken their vows on Saturday were robbed right in front of god and everyone while taking photos in front of their old high school. In broad daylight and "in front of the flower girls."


The Washington Post, which has recounted the story to highlight that the flower girls were affected by the robbery, reports that the newlyweds had met at Oakland High and just wanted to go back and take a few photos for old time's sake. What they learned, however, like those kids who would come back to high school just to say "hello" the year after they graduated — I never got that. Why did people do that? — is that nothing good comes from going back to the past. Especially when you've got over $13,000 in camera equipment on you at the time.

Police who arrived at the scene were told that a trio of men had waited until all the photos were done being taken and then came out of nowhere to take everything the wedding party had, including, as WaPo will remind you, the innocence of the flower girls. Listen, Washington Post, I feel bad for the flower girls, too, having always wanted to be one, but they're hopefully going to be fine. You know who probably isn't going to be fine for a longer time? The photographer who had a gun pointed at her head (and for whom this was her first wedding shoot). Or the videographers who lost equipment that wasn't insured.

The criminals have not yet been caught but the photographers, whose equipment was insured, are asking for any information that might bring the couple's pictures back so they can have memories of the day. An iPhone that was stolen has been found and returned.

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Princess Peach

That's awful. Like, not even "we'll laugh about this someday way in the future" as most wedding mishaps usually go.

Not as important, but that is a really weird emphasis, WaPo. It was like they were trying to find something to clutch their pearls about, because a robbery in and of itself isn't enough?