A reader sent us a link to something called Abortiontracker.com, a site that claims to have compiled "a comprehensive list of every woman who has had an abortion procedure performed in the United States and Canada, dating back to 1940." To get access to this alleged database, you need to pay $799 for a seven day pass to the site or up to $16,999 for unlimited access to "full names, complete addresses, unlimited contact information, false names used during operation procedures, reasons listed for abortions, known STDs at (and since) time of abortion, [and the] name of person believed to be the father."Abortion Tracker claims that it gets all this information from disgruntled workers at abortion clinics "who have since found the Lord, or whom always had the Lord, but only decided to deliver 'borrowed' records to us after the fact." The website is registered to Moniker Privacy Services which masks the identity of the true website owners. We gave NARAL a ring, and they'd never heard of these yahoos. We're calling bullshit on this one. The entire thing sounds like a sick get-rich-quick hoax. HOWEVER! One word of (probably paranoid) caution: while I don't believe for a hot minute that these jerks have access to any medical records, I would advise people who go to the website not to enter anyone's name into the search engine. The only way I can imagine these people get any names of abortion-havers is through the information viewers enter in unwittingly. Abortion Tracker [Official Website] NARAL [Official Website]