The other day, I was sitting in the window at a cafe when a girl walked by wearing these muscle leggings paired with super high heels and a leather jacket. You could tell she thought she looked amazing, but the sight of her apparently skinless legs had everyone doing double takes of sheer horror. I did a complex mental calculation and concluded that they were the worst leggings that had ever been worn. Well, the universe has today proven me wrong, as it so often does, by putting forth a new, more terrible legging. Introducing, the penis legging. This revolting and totally NSFW product allows you to do what you've never longed to do: cover your legs in tiny penises. Sure, they don't look quite as appalling from afar as the muscle leggings, but once you get up close, your eyes are in for a world of hurt. The only place to go from here is for us all to start wearing flesh covered leggings that have an extremely detailed vagina printed on the crotch. Though it'd probably be easier and cheaper (if a bit chillier) for us all to just start walking around without pants on.


[Via Buzzfeed]

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