Wearable Ultrasound Would Let Moms Watch Their Fetus 24/7

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Soon parents may be able to watch their child in utero anytime they want with the PreVue pregnancy screen. The device, which fits over a pregnant woman's abdomen, includes an ultrasonic layer that images the baby, then projects this onto a stretchable electronic textile. For now, this is just a concept, so babies still have at least nine months before their every move is recorded and broadcast to the world.


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Just this past week I underwent Invitro fertilization. What I found to be particularly odd, was they gave me a ultrasound picture of the 3 embryos they implanted. Yes, inexplicably, this is standard procedure.

Given that the success rate of the 1st IVF cycle isn't nearly as promising as the 2nd and 3rd cycles (and my fert doc warned me specifically not to expect the 1st round to work), I found it kind of bizarre. Frankly, for a nano-second, I didn't even fully believe what the nurse was actually handing me when I reached out to receive the 2x3 gray glossy of what seemed to be 3 bubbles supsended in mid-air.

I half expected the nurse to say, "Here's something actually tangible for you to actually get maternally attached to, even though chances are this is really just an expensive & emotional trial run for future rides on the hormonal-coaster!".

To keep my emotional wits and sense of humor about the whole thing, I named the embryos after the cast of "Designing Women". Mary Joe, Suzanne and, of course, Anthony.