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Eat your heart out, Vera Wang. With any luck, wedding dresses made of Charmin will mark the end of America's vulgar obsession with tacky-ass, blinged-out weddings. Both BoingBoing and Glamour magazine blogger Suze Yalof Schwartz are calling out the wonderfully-inventive competition held by Cheap Chic Weddings, in which amateur designers compete for a $500 prize for best toilet-paper wedding dress. For prospective brides with any hint of a conscience, a TP gown makes perfect sense: Not only does it cost thousands of dollars less to buy (and store!), the money saved on a designer gown can be put to better use, like, you know, a down payment on a house. Or a college fund. Or heck, even helping those in need. After all, the $5K+ required for a custom Wang or Lhullier could also provide people in a developing country with a veritable farm of income and food-generating livestock. Something to consider.


Make A Bumwad Wedding-Dress, Win $500 [BoingBoing]

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