We Wish We'd Bought A 'Free Winona' T-Shirt Way Back When

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  • Winona Ryder is speaking out now about her shoplifting. Honestly? No one gives a shit. [People]
  • In the UK, one in four 18-to-25-year olds cannot answer the following question: What is one eighth of 32? [BBC]
  • Al-Qaeda said to be "stepping-up" its presence in the U.S. Please God, no one tell Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The thought of her ranting and raving about this is scarier than the threat of a terrorist act itself. [BBC]
  • Memo to Hillary: The woman who is to be India's first female president - not so popular. [NYT]
  • Harry Potter the book? Too long. Harry Potter the movie? Too heavy-handed. But Harry Potter the postage stamp? Now we're talking! [USA Today]
  • And meanwhile, Harry Potter is also the latest problem to afflict Israel, with the new book being released on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Religious leaders = not happy. And now we wonder, are there that many Orthodox rabbis worried about whether Snape is evil or not? [USA Today]
  • The lawyer with TB who claimed he had no idea he was contagious had surgery to help treat his condition today. Um, too little too late, bub. [CNN]
  • The current crop of Republican presidential candidates? Losers, all of 'em. [CNN]
  • 2 U.S. casualties identified. [DoD]

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As a woman named Winona, I am proud to say that yes, I did buy a "Free Winona" t-shirt way back when, but only to wear ironically.