We Will Eat Your Babies, Slash Your Tires

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@DiscussBeauty:I can totally see why they'd want to keep her hidden. Because as weird as celebrities are, John Q. Public can be even weirder. Can you imagine what some regular, non-famous freaks might do to get their hands on that baby? If I were Angie and Brad I'd be petrified to show her to the public much, if at all. I can imagine only a tiny part of the true danger she's in. And I don't think it paranoid at all.

And then there's the impression made on the baby. An article once quoted Brad as saying something to the effect that it was difficult to explain to them or show them that real life isn't about having a gazillion cameras going off in your face whenever you step out of the house, a store, a car, etc. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to raise grounded children with all that going on. Its hard enough raising them without the paps documenting every little moment and the public scrutiny sure to follow.