We weren't the only ones who attended Cosmo's gray rape panel yesterday. Sewell Chan, the thorough and prolific NY Times boy wonder, included an awesome quote from anti-violence activist Joe Samalin: "There were a lot of things in the [gray rape] article that concerned and frustrated me," [Samalin] said. He said that intentionally or not, the article might have the effect of suggesting that "you can be a woman in charge of your own sexuality ... but not too much because these are the consequences that will happen to you." Local free rag Metro also wrote up the event, quoting John Jay women's center director Katie Gentile. "We'd never ask a robbery victim, 'Were you drunk?" Gentile said. "The culture has to change while we change, too." And Feministing got in on the action as well. [New York Times, Metro, Feministing]

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@brechtgirl: That's what's so sad about the whole thing: most of us still use robbery as an analogy, which (however unintentionally) is dehumanizing, as a basic rights issue morphs into a property one, which still fails to hold the "robber" fully accountable and realize that women (and girls) are unable, due to physical disadvantage, to "lock our doors." I hope one day we can think about it as the human rights violation that it is (For example: freedom of speech is a right we have no matter whether we're drunk or our attire is "inappropriate").

I'm guessing I'll probably first hear about a new line of rapes (to add to "date"): breakfast rape, neighbor rape, summer camp rape, etc.