Ladies, this is going to go on all tonight and into the wee hours of the morning given that California's polls don't close until 11:00 ET and everyone expects that one to be close. But, we here at Jezebel understand that there are more important things on TV tonight and that, holy hell, watching pundits for hours makes one's soul bleed. So, in between my Super Tuesday analysis tonight, I'll be watching so you don't have to. The raw results start after the jump.

8:31 ET: Fox is calling Arkansas for Huckabee, but not for Clinton. They're also calling Tennessee for Clinton, Alabama for Huckabee and everything else remains too close to call.
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8:01 ET: MSNBC calls: Illinois for Obama; Okahoma for Clinton; Connecticut, Illinois and New Jersey for McCain; and Massachusetts for Romney, sparing him further humiliation today. Everything else is too close to call on polls alone.

7:25 ET: I just looked up and the crawl says the Montana Republican caucus is too close to call. Maria Theresa Peterson from Voto Latino says that there's a generational divide and that their experience is older Latinos (over 40) tend to be more supportive of Hillary and younger Latinos of Obama. The Latino population, though, is also pretty evenly split between people over and people under 40. So, they're kind of as divided as everyone else.

7:20 ET: MSNBC projects that Obama will take about 35 more delegates than Clinton in Georgia. They still don't know wtf is up with the Republicans.


7:10 ET: Obama was long expected to win the Georgia primary, but exit polls on MSNBC show that the African-American vote in Georgia went 83-16 for Obama and the white vote went 54-43 for Obama. African-Americans make up 52% of George Democratic voters.

7:00 ET: The polls closed in Georgia and MSNBC called Georgia for Obama. There are 87 pledged delegates at stake for the Dems.
The exit polls are showing that McCain, Romney and Huckabee are all too close to one another to call. There are 69 delegates at stake for them.

6:59 ET: Before tonight, the pledged delegate standings were as follows:

  • McCain: 95
  • Romney: 85
  • Huckabee: 44 (which includes West Virginia)
  • Paul: 6
  • Obama: 72
  • Hillary Clinton: 55
  • Edwards: 26