We See London, We See France, We See Kate Upton's Vulva, Practically.

The cover of this year's famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has leaked, and it is, well, revealing. Model Kate Upton is showing a great deal of sideboob, but more worrisome is what's happening down below. Isn't that suit—it's really more of an eyepatch, actually—so disturbingly small and low that some of her "crack" should maybe be showing? Surely, they could have sprung for an extra centimeter or two of bikini fabric for one of the biggest magazine covers of the year. So did they photoshop out part of Kate's cleft of Venus, to put it delicately? Really the whole area meets her thighs in kind of a flat, strange way—even a Barbie doll has more realistic, prominent-looking genitalia. Regardless, the answer to the headline "Kate Upton: Any Questions?" is definitely, "Nope, I can pretty much see everything I need to see."


Unreal S.I. Swimsuit Cover Leaks to Web [TMZ, Image via Twitter]

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