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We received an email from Lexico Publishing Group — publishers of and — regarding the reader tip about's sexist entries for the word "weaker"; Lexico has let us know that it has responded to the problem via its blog. Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD., editor and compiler of Roget's New Millennium Thesaurus, says, "Due to the way our search technology works, a search for weaker appeared to suggest that it was a synonym for female and lady. This was incorrect and has been fixed...we chose to remove 'weaker sex' as a informal/slang synonym from our site. The entries now describe current American English usage more accurately and we feel we're providing more helpful suggestions for those seeking guidance on word choice from us." It's true, it's not there anymore! Thanks for paying attention, Lexico. [Lexico]


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Awesome for making the "weak"/"woman" connection go away. But I am not quite sure how I feel about this: removing "the weaker sex." I would have prefered if they had KEPT it, but then next to it written "offensive" or "antiquated" they way they do with other obnoxious, socially unacceptable terms. By taking it out, it indicates that the word doesn't exist and you rather remove the history of that phrase as well.

@videogoddess: ha. cute.