We Really Wish La Toya Jackson's Teen Advice Column Still Existed

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The 70s had all the best stuff, and that's just because it had a La Toya Jackson advice column called "Tell it to Toy". This is some magical alternate universe shit, except it's happening within our own. We are truly blessed.

According to World of Wonder, La Toya penned the column for 16 Magazine when she was only sixteen years old. Kismet! Some of us were in diapers back then, so this is pretty impressive.

In one invaluable installation of "Tell It to Toy!" (a phrase that needs to become our new universal mantra), little teen Toy-Toy explains that to bust out of her own bashful ways, she'd let her "groovy jewelry" serve as an ice-breaker and go-to conversation topic! "I want to tell you, girl, that that's a clue to overcoming shyness." Genius-ness. She also alludes to her famous brothers as "jivers."


The best part is that La Toya tweeted the above image herself. Pretty wonderful.

In April, Ms. Jackson (cause I'm nasty) will debut her reality show Life with La Toya on OWN. Because of course. The series will follow the shenanigans of the American singer-songwriter, musician, author, television personality, actress, businesswoman, philanthropist, activist, and former model.

[Update: Thanks for the corrections, the article now reads 70s. Also, I know the Ms. Jackson quote is Janet, I just can't resist the urge to use it whenever I can!]

[World of Wonder]

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I hate to pile on to with the others, but it's stuff like this that really really makes it obvious how young the writers here at Jezebel are, and how little they know of pop culture earlier than Saved By The Bell. I mean, hi, that picture up there: giant afros, a picture of a barely teen Michael Jackson, the information that LaToya was 16 (who is now in her 50's), and you consider this to be in the 80's?

Jezebel editors, you do realize that you have readers and commenters who are out of their 20's, don't you? Many of us are in our (gasp!) 40's! Speaking for myself, I would really love it if you expanded your editorship and your writer pool to include women who have a bit more life experience.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant, so I just edited out a whole bunch of stuff (I really shouldn't rant before my morning coffee kicks in), but just that this post kind of irked me. I kind of expect this stuff from 90's obsessed Buzzfeed, but come on. The End.

(Laura, no offense to you personally, just a general comment. I have no idea how old you are)