We Might Be Getting a New Female Cop Comedy from the Producer of Community

ABC has just ordered a pilot script for Rookie, a half-hour single-camera comedy about a young woman who attempts to reinvent herself by becoming a cop and ends up building a surrogate family out of her fellow police officers. Easy A producer Will Gluck will act as a non-writing EP and — oy — Tosh.0's Scott Zabielski will act as consultant (because if there's one person who gets women and jokes...). In good news, the pilot will be written and produced by Community's Andy Bobrow. Community has done brilliant police show homages in the past (their Law & Order send up "Basic Lupin Urology" was near flawless) so, hopefully, Bobrow can bring some of that shine over to Rookie.

Few other details have been released — there's not even a full script yet — but, if they go forward, let's hope that they bring some talented women writers into their writers' room. It would be a shame to have a female-driven workplace comedy without an actual female driven workplace.


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I'm just hoping to some day see that show Community from the producer of Community.