"We know so much more. We're so much more cultured. [In college] you meet people who don't even know how to pronounce 'Prada.'" Not a fake quote! It's one of the "real life Gossip Girls" — "young swans, who attend Spence, Chapin, Nightingale, or have just matriculated at one of the country's top colleges" — touted in a spread on pages 350-351 of next month's Vanity Fair. They are 66% blond and all white except for one whose last name is Watanabe -Fifer which would lead me to believe she is only half-white, and it's difficult to determine from the picture who is most obnoxious. I've put the rest of them after the jump with names for your real-life gossip pleasure, but as someone who was eminently capable of pronouncing my bafflement at why anyone would want a $400 mini-backpack upon setting foot at one of the country's "top colleges," I have to think the Gossip Girl quoted above is hyperbolizing just a tad. Maybe because she doesn't know how to pronounce "Yves St. Laurent"?


From left: Anais Watanabe-Fifer, Paige Kringstein, Katie Schecter, Olivia Sandelman, Quinn Jackson, Caitlin Fraser, Elizabeth Lagno, Ashley Camerini, Stephanie Linka, and Lily Fraser. My money's on Lagno as the source of the quote, but is that too obvious?

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@J.D.Regent: I didn't notice, having been blinded by the glare coming off those ENORMOUS TEETH.