We just got a fantastically idiotic and maybe sort of racist forward from Jezefriend Edith: a press release touting a new service called the "Gyno Spa Cure." Essentially, this ancient Chinese secret douche will help cure cancer! Sayeth the blurb: "The Asian culture has practiced a spa remedy for thousands of years and now Juvenex Spa brings it to the U.S. for the first time; the Gyno Spa Cure. Women sit on a open bottomed chair while the steam from a healing herbal bath cleanses the vaginal passage to restore optimum health. The herbs used in the gyno spa cure are Juvenex's own secret combination. Mike Modiri, manager of Juvenex Spa explored dozens of spas in China, Japan and Korea to find the perfect herbal combiniation. 'Each Asian spa's remedy combined 8 to 11 different herbs,' explains Mike, 'We found that 6 special herbs were found in all of them and were the most effective.'This herbal treatment is often prescribed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors in China, Japan and Korea to treat a number of different women's health issues from infertility to cancer." What are you waiting for, ladies, 30 minutes of Gyno Spa for 75 buckies! [Juvenex Spa]


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