Noted Artist George W. Bush To Get His First Gallery Show

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Finally, after centuries of unloading crap upon the unwashed masses, the art world is at long last about to unleash the visionary work of a true artist. George W. Bush, 43rd president of these United States and long-suffering art genius, is set to have his first gallery show.


I have expressed unbridled elation about having a chance to see or perhaps own an original Bush for many, many moons. Now, that dream is coming true for so many of us, according to the official blog of presidential art studies and analysis, Oh No They Didn't:

The former president's artwork – a source of fascination for his fans and critics, in the worlds of both politics and art – will be the centerpiece of a special exhibit hosted later this year at his presidential library. Starting in early April, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum will open "The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy." The exhibit will focus on foreign policy and Bush's relationships with world leaders, according to a news release. Two dozen never-before-exhibited portraits painted by Bush will be the highlight. The paintings will be "accompanied by artifacts, photographs and personal reflections to help illustrate the stories of relationships formed on the world stage," the news release said.

Yes, the former leader of the free world will has been bestowed with the prestigious honor of getting his very own exclusive art show at a museum named after him. OK, everyone note the most important detail here—we have until April to save up money and request several weeks off work to go and study the works of Bush.

"The Art of Leadership" (SUCH SYMBOLISM IN THIS TITLE OMG) "will educate and inform visitors about the important role leadership plays in global democracy, and will provide an insider's view into President Bush's unique relationships with other world leaders." Personally, I would very much like to know how this cat painting speaks to his relationship with world leaders. Perhaps Bush was saying he is Team Dog and Tony Blair was Team Cat and this cat painting was his way of channeling the turmoil of war and strife the two men grappled with for so many years. I do not know; I am not a certified art expert analyst person.

Bush's unexpected passion for painting has become one of the most discussed aspects of his post-White House life.


Yes, all anyone ever talks about when it comes to that guy is his cat paintings. Can't get people to shut up about it.

The former president, who signs his work "43," took up painting after reading "Painting as a Pastime" by Winston Churchill, another politician turned painter. Bush now paints regularly and takes lessons from Gail Norfleet, a Dallas artist. The former president told The Dallas Morning News last April that he likes how painting allows him to create and to express himself "in a way that's unique." He said that with his new hobby, he takes "great delight in busting stereotypes."


So congratulations to Bush—the Hans Bellmer of the ex-Presidential art set. If, like me, you are interested in making a journey to Dallas to witness the glory of "The Art of Leadership" in April, you can plan your visit through the museum's website.

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