We have one question for our beloved Jon Stewart: where are all the bitches at? The New York Comedy Festival hosted a Daily Show panel Friday with ten panelists, none of whom were female. "Steve Bodow, the head writer, said the panel was not a good representation of the hundred or so people who work on 'The Daily Show.' Many of the producers and the editors are women, even if the writers themselves at this point are all men. The show’s sole female writer, Rachel Axler, just left for California to work on a spinoff of NBC’s “The Office,” Mr. Bodow said. And Allison Silverman, who had been a writer on 'The Daily Show' for many years, is an executive producer of “The Colbert Report.” [NY Times]


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The Daily Show has something of a fraught relationship with women, it seems, since they usually only have one on at a time - occasional exceptions are made, sure.

And I say this as a person who wishes to have many, many children with Jon.