We have always felt a special kinship with Rosie O'Donnell: Her nice-but-outsider persona, her devotion to children's causes, her contempt for Republicans, her adoration of Barbra Streisand. And of course her ability to lay out the smackdown. Seriously, we were already counting down the days 'til her memoir Celebrity Detox comes out, but now we're even more eager since learning that in it she tells Barbara Walters that it's time to retire already. Considering that four years ago Barbara Walters once snapped at us "Don't you know who I am???" at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, we couldn't agree more. [HuffPo]


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what pisses me off about Barbara Walters (mini rant here) is that she is constantly placating Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the show, making sure the topics don't make Elisabeth cry (god forbid) and this was happening way before the ultimate showdown that lead to Rosie's departure. OOOOH don't let Elisabeth cry over abortion or Bush! This was also before she was preggers again too. Who the f is Elisabeth anyway except some Survior jack off. Ugh it still chaps my hide I tells ya!

team rosie for sure!