Facebook — the hot spot for hate-reading incoherent political debates hoted on your 8th grade science partner's Timeline and getting stuck in a k-hole of wedding photo albums, AGAIN — both disgusts and entrances us. A new survey from Rebtel asked Americans aged 18 and older to name the sites that have "the most negative effect on your mood"; Facebook trumped them all, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. The vast majority of survey-takers also said Facebook stressed them out the most, followed again by Twitter and LinkedIn.

But when Rebtel asked users about social networks' positive effects on mood, Facebook blew the other sites out of the oversharey water. Huh?

Facebook: can't live with it, can't live without it. (…Because you've been using it for so long at this point that how else would you see tagged pics of yourself and get party invites and be haunted by photos of you from freshman year?)

[Atlantic Wire]

Image via Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock.