Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas and member of the Tea Party, is the subject of a coloring book "designed for children of all ages" that involves super fun, crayon-worthy topics like taxes and partial-birth abortion.

Currently, the book is the #1 best seller in children's coloring books on Amazon. We gave it to someone who actually colors regularly—a two-year-old girl–to see just how kid-friendly it really is.

A pink hat and face seems like it violates the sanctity of hunting.


Oh you don't know that contouring trick of drawing a single, yellow horizontal line across the lower part of the face to offset a week chin? It's an old drag queen secret.

After four pages the two-year-old was completely over it. Even if she could read, 400 words about Cruz's Obamacare filibuster is more boring to a child than coloring a series of mid-priced business suits.