We finally figured out why we don't really feel sorry for Britney Spears. (Well, we speak for one of us.) So many other people feel sorry for Britney! In fact, so many people feel so sorry for poor rich Brit that they lose all memory of the celebrity minutae they are obsessed with just so they can blow sunshine up her bare ass first chance she gets her photo snapped (in hideous white tubedress, above) with such patently, objectively false statments as:

Britney Spears has not looked this good in years!

This is TOTALLY INSPIRING. Beautiful transformation.

What? She looks like absolute hell. But more annoyingly, her last "transformation" was the cover subject of a cover story FIVE MONTHS AGO in a magazine with a circulation of approximately 1.9 trillion. Is celebrity weight fluctuation really such an esoteric topic that to become immersed in its nuances causes one to lose track of all time?


Ughhhh, don't answer that.

Britney Spears Shed At Least 10 Pounds In Rehab [The Other Blog]

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