Can someone please explain Selma Blair to us?

We thought she was an actress, but we haven't seen — or heard — of her being in any movie for quite some time now. Instead, her job seems to be showing up at fashion shows with unflattering hair colors, or publicizing her love life (her marriage to Ahmet Zappa...her split with Ahmet Zappa). But what's happened to her acting career? Did she ever have one? How does she make money? The questions overwhelm us.


Selma, however, must have known what we've been thinking, because this morning we came across a story on in which she tells the world she's been taking a break from acting. Oh, and that she has a new boyfriend, some model-actor named Matthew Felker.

Blair, 34, says she met the 27-year-old Felker, whom the actress describes as a writer, "through friends," though she's "not really sure" of the time frame.

One thing is for sure: Blair won't be debuting her romance with Felker at Sunday's Oscars parties. "I'll be sitting at home with my boyfriend watching it," Blair said. "I've gone every year to the Vanity Fair party but I've taken some time off acting, so I think it's time to take time off from showing up at acting events."


Hear, hear sister.

Selma Blair Talks About New Boyfriend []


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