We Couldn't Have Put It Better Ourselves, Agent Provocateur

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  • Prestige magazine has the "world exclusive" of the new Agent Provocateur campaign starring Kate Moss. Note the black models featured also in the shoot! They are slightly less prominent, but no worse fed. [Prestige HK]
  • And look her! The notoriously tight-lipped Kate Moss granted an actual interview to the Guardian! Does she have anything to say for herself? "After a long pause," the story reveals..."Not really." [Guardian]
  • More "authenticity" from the trailers of the upcoming Sex & The City movie: It was like being in [NY department stores] Bergdorf Goodman and Saks combined. There was an overwhelming amount of branded product...The characters were defined via their wardrobes and the products they used: Carrie, for example, was a creative, fashion-obsessed writer type, so she used an Apple Mac because of its design value and wore all these crazy clothes.... [FT]
  • "China is about brand, brand, brand." [NYT]
  • India "is a fast growing economy and with consumption so robust and with incomes rising, it's a fertile ground for the print media." And all the crap Vogue and GQ would like to sell to them! [Reuters]
  • Barney's "plans to grow helter-skelter in a bunch of countries." [WSJ]
  • "There may be a global economic slowdown, but Valentino is stepping up the pace of its expansion." [WWD]
  • Abercrombie & Fitch's flagship store in London grosses sales of $50 million. Holy fuck that is insane. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • There's a new book out tracing Estee Lauder spokesmodels, from one who was "picked from more than a thousand faces on the grounds that she possessed 'that indefinable air known as class'" to Aerin Lauder herself. Who possesses a slightly more palpable sort of class. [Telegraph]
  • Portfolio calculates "back of the envelope" that Chanel is worth between $10.3 billion and $14.8 billion. This is meaningful, to someone, not us. [Portfolio]



@LaFemme: You don't even need them, the article itself was nauseating. I expected better from the Guardian than that.