We imagine that Andrea Peyser probably thinks she's a nice person. We don't, but then we've only got the vitriolic bile she spews out, to go on.


But if we could get 15 minutes alone with her, we'd sit her down and make her watch this. It's the video of our former crush of the day and genuine nice person Craig Ferguson standing up for Britney Spears.


Actually, he doesn't actually mention her all that much, but he takes us on a beautifully funny and moving journey of his own alcoholic destructive behavior, and reminds us that redemption is always a possibility. Assuming you don't have Andrea Peyser wanting to rip your children from you, and X17 pretending to care about you.


We're thinking that Britney could do a lot worse than give Craig a call right now.

a very special man [youtube, embedding disabled]


Hell No, Popozao

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