Click to viewPreviously, we challenged Street Carnage's Gavin McInnes to walk a mile in a pair of high heels. He quit after about a block. But later that day, we were able to convince him to meet us at a park in Brooklyn to see if he could do four laps-equaling one mile-around the track. And he did! (And he bitched and moaned the entire time.) Check out his victory in the clip above.


(Filmed by the one-armed Alex Goldberg.)

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@Eldritch: LOL, well, my husband's use of "amazing" makes me question his vocab. skills, but I'll take it. Sometimes being brainwashed "by the man" isn't such a bad thing.

Srsly, tho, Steve Maddens are definitely as close as I get to miracles. After watching yesterday's video I had a sick desire to drag my SM "MaNo-No's" out and work 'em while making dinner. Saner desires prevailed.