We Challenge A Man To Walk A Mile In Our Heels

To continue our series of "What it Feels Like for a Girl" - in which we make men do some of the more unpleasant accessories of "femininity" - we decided to challenge a man to walk a mile in our shoes... three-inch heels to be exact. We took Street Carnage's Gavin McInnes - a man known for his unyielding insistence on women wearing stilettos and model for our instructional makeup videos - shopping for shoes and walked around in downtown NYC. So was he able to do the full mile? Check the clip above.(Filmed by the one-armed Alex Goldberg.) Earlier: Making It With Makeup: How To Get A Great Night Look Making It With Makeup: How To Get A Great Day Look Benny The Tech Geek Gets A Bikini Wax

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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

@RedHotz: Eventually I will be in a wheelchair so I have finally came to accept it but that still doesn't mean I don't love to look at the shoes.

Babygirl, that's why they call it shoe porn. As much as I love watching a good hoe-er take it here there and everywhere doesn't mean I'm going to DO it. I just appreciate the hell outta the girl that can.

(Which is not to say your situation doesn't suck, it definitely must.)