We certainly feel HER pain.

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A bit of slap and tickle in the bedroom is one thing. This, however, is quite another.

"Shocked Brooklyn jurors yesterday were shown a graphic color photo of a nude woman named Rona tethered to a tree in the wilderness - as she calmly told them about her bondage game, casually noting that her body had been attacked by mosquitoes.

Rona was testifying for accused sex trafficker Glenn Marcus, accused of keeping a woman named Jodi as his 'slave.' The 51-year-old witness said that she'd lived with Marcus and Jodi - and that the alleged victim was a willing participant in sex games.

'I love being around Glenn,' Rona said, even as prosecutors displayed photos of her breasts punctured with dozens of pins. 'He's a lot of fun.'"


Well, you know, define fun.

it takes all sorts [NY Post]

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