We Can All Quit Now: Dubstep Cat is the Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Ok, folks. It's been a good run. Pack it on up. There's no use trying to accomplish anything else as a human species. Dubstep Cat is the apex of billions of years of evolution and innovation and thousands of years of human creativity, and after this, we should all go home and congratulate ourselves.


I admit that for awhile I was confused by this "dubstep" craze; after all, it sort of sounds like what happens when you throw a boombox in an above ground pool and then try to run the pool over with a lawn mower. I thought that maybe the subgenre of club music was the rap-metal for a new age; the Limp Bizkit or Mudvayne of 2010-2012, if you will. I now see the error of my ways— dubstep was a tragedy that needed to happen so that Dubstep Cat could exist.

It's all downhill from here, guys.




Oh hells yes, Dubstep Cat! I guess he got his swagga' back, booooyyyy!