Jackie Kennedy was one of those moms who was always giving her daughter those pointed "are you utterly oblivious to the caloric content of that piece of bread or are you actually trying to sabotage the family name by allowing yourself to get so grotesquely big-boned" looks at the dinner table, a new book reveals.

"You're not going to order dessert, Caroline," Jackie O allegedly once sniped in a Paris restaurant, according to C. David Heymann's American Legacy: The Story of John And Caroline Kennedy. "You're much too fat. Nobody will ever want to marry you." An intervention by stepdaughter Christina Onassis earned Caroline a helping of cherry-flavored Jell-O, but without whipped cream on top.

Oh yum! Anyway, this comes as no surprise to us, since we read Teen Vogue, but why are hipbone-obsessed mothers so weirdly diabolical about their daughter's bodies? You'd think they'd want to spare the fruits of their undernourished wombs from the nonstop crazytown of the endless caloric balance sheet, no?

In fact, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders (we'd love to say we're subscribers but we read about it here), obsessively dieting moms like Jackie are actually sabotaging their kids' chances of thinness.

The International Journal of Eating Disorders recently reported that
daughters of mothers who like to diet have a tendency to binge and overeat.


So there you go. Memo to all those moms hellbent on making sure their vainest, most idiotic character flaw gets passed on to the next generation: it doesn't even work. Learn to treat your bretheren with the patience you'd accord, say, a fat friend, and everybody's dreams will come true.

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