For those of us who adore Michael Kors as an acid-tongued Project Runway judge, it's always disconcerting to see his somewhat dowdy - and in this case, frankly bizarre (not in the good way) - runway collections.

So obviously he was doing something subversive or whatever with the juxtaposition of "ladylike" and "Cutco demo."

Sometimes he does basic, slightly adventurous "classic American sportswear" that has an obvious market...


Then sometimes, when looking at garments like this, I'm just left wondering what his customer base is.

Oh, wait, it's Cruella DeVille.


I mean, this is cute and crisp in a Linda Evangelista sort of way...

And I can imagine any number of questionably-attired socialites doing the garden party thing in this...


But the only man I've ever seen in anything remotely similar was Matthew Modine, on 6th Avenue. And he was riding a scooter, so.


Yes, everyone like Joan Cusack in Toys (or do they?) but bathing suits are generally not where you want to rock the paper doll thing.

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