We Are Creating a Generation of Monsters

New York's hottest kid birthday party service gives children the experience of walking the red carpet like a real celebrity who worked really hard and earned it, minus the hard work and the earning. It's called Red Carpet Kids, and it's the perfect way for parents to drop five figures teaching their child to aspire to the empty cocaine-reality of Hollywood.


Red Carpet Kids birthday parties feature a red carpet butler, paparazzi, a movie shoot, and, almost immediately after, an award show. That's the basic package. But as the fantasy grows more elaborate, things get much more complicated (and pricey).

From ABCNews:

What is the most ridiculous request you've ever seen?

To date, it's been live reindeer. We were doing a holiday-themed event, and they wanted these reindeer to pull a sleigh in with the birthday child.

And the most expensive party ever?

Probably the most expensive party is for a 10-year-old coming out at $20,000. For a kid.

Have fun with all that global warming your grandparents left for you as they were earning you that birthday party money, you shooting stars!



I got into trouble with my sister's neighborhood moms. One of them threw a model party complete with audition tapes for 6 yr olds. I taught my niece to say "I'M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS!" so she did to the camera, my sister thought it was hilarious but the other moms were pisssed!