We love it when women's magazines do their "dress for your body-type" stories. Glamour magazine did a great one in last month's issue, focusing on bathing suits. And then there's this month's Lucky, which devotes an entire 8-pages to "Summer's Most Flattering Dress Shapes". What are these shapes? Well, glad you asked! For one, there's the floaty trapeze ("makes legs appear slimmer"); the halter sundress ("nothing conceals a tummy better"); the blousy tunic ("makes your hips instantly look nice and lean"); the gathered smock ("slenderizing"); the belted Grecian ("enhance a smaller chest"); and lastly, the sashed v-neck ("great for larger chests"). Six whole dress shapes to choose from! Except, unlike Glamour...

...they're all on the same tall, skinny model!

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