We always knew we liked Dear Abby (real name: Jeanne Phillips) for a reason! The all-American advice-columnist has given the big thumbs up to same-sex marriage: "There should be gay marriage. I believe if two people want to commit to each other, God bless 'em... That is the highest form of commitment, for heaven's sake... If gay Americans are not allowed to get married and have all the benefits that American citizens are entitled to by the Bill of Rights, they should get one hell of a tax break... Accepting the status quo is not always the best thing to do... Women were once considered chattel, and slavery was regarded as sanctioned in the Bible... I don't think I'm a flaming radical. I'm for civility in life." Dear Abby, Will you run for President? Please? (On Barack's ticket of course.) Xo, Jez. [AP]


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I have to respond to the article in the TIMES. I've never worked in a nursing home on the east coast but the ones I've worked at in Oregon and rural WA. (next to Idaho border). If a CNA or nurse is rude ar condescending (sp?) in ANY way to ANY patient it's considered abuse. There are MANY laws in place for anyone that feels mistreated. The aid and the nurse can get their licenses stripped from them for commiting the acts the people in that article were talking about. If you ever end up in a nursing home know your rights! I give the number to all the state agencies that deal with abuse and neglect to ANY patient that has a problem. I make damn sure if any resident I come across tells me anything about mistreatment from ANYONE they are reported to the staff, the higher-ups and the state agencies. (and no i'm not really popular with the administration but fuck them). If they would regulate CNA licenses more they wouldn't have these types of ignorance but any dumb ass can become a CNA and most are terrified of losing their jobs and making waves. So go to these state agencies and REPORT anyone that has mistreated you. If you have a family member in a nursing home and they complain GET A STATE AGENCY ON THE PHONE TO INVESTIGATE! And about the man that hung himself, they had no right to move him, they should have educated the ignorant residents that were abusing him and if that didn't work the social worker and care manager should have been looking for alternative placements, other homes. The entire staff is to blame for that man's death and I can only hope that the place got shut down. (It didn't but..) I'm sorry for the rant but that hit close to home. People need to wake up, EVERY nursing home is pretty much crap. MAYBE 1 out of 4 aids in the place truly give a shit and yet our elderly are shoved in there like cattle. Oh and another thing, most nursing home workers weren't suprised about the bad care in VA hospitals, it's well known in our community that those are the worst homes with the worst care. Just thought I'd throw that in there.