Six-year-old Falcon Heene was believed to be trapped inside his parents' experimental balloon—which soared 10,000 feet in the air over Colorado this afternoon—but the balloon landed, and he was not inside. Updates and videos, after the jump.

The Heene family has been featured on an episode of Wife Swap. Falcon's father, Richard Heene (a retired weatherman-turned-storm-chaser) was even featured on The Soup.

The Heene family made a music video of their children, using footage from their Wife Swap episode, and uploaded it to YouTube. Apparently, the boys frequently use the term "pussified."

In another video on YouTube, the Heene parents—who refer to themselves "The Psyience Detectives"—conduct an experiment by shoveling snow with a torch.


Update: CNN is now reporting that boy was most likely not in the balloon to begin with. (One hopes!) He is still considered missing.

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