Wax Tales

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Prepare to cringe: A 31-year-old woman in Brisbane, Australia says that she contracted peeling burns in her "intimate areas" after a disastrous Brazilian bikini wax. The aesthetician who allegedly botched the waxing session had to be prompted to close the blinds and asked the customer how to do the wax when the customer complained that she was burning her. Uh, woman to woman: if you are unfamiliar with something that involves you putting anything hot (and painful) near a vagina, you should just not do it. Like, ever. [News.com.au]


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@bigtittycommittee: I'd like to suggest this Remington Lady Bits (caps mine) trimmer thingy I've found. Keeps things from getting poofy and needing a hairnet (whoever said that above, genius!) without going completely bald. It has different lengths so you can give your vag a mullet, bowl cut, or any other style that might be en vogue at the moment.