Watching Women Talk About Sexism In The Workplace Is Sort Of Like Sexism In The Workplace

Joanne Lipman, the editor of Portfolio, went on CNBC this morning to discuss that story about how women have altogether stopped making progress on the "gender parity" front in corporate America and I was keen to watch since I knew that she used to actually work with two of the anchors, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla, at the Wall Street Journal. My thoughts: Shit, Joanne looks good. Almost as good as Becky. Has she had work done? Probs. What time do you think she had to get up to look that good? Oh look, now Carl is talking, about how some problems (ahem) are "more challenging" than sexism. (How much time did you spend getting ready this morning, Carl?) And Joe Kernen, the jokey shlub in the corner who is usually my total fave: why does it not surprise me that you have nothing to say about this, Joe?


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