Watching Gertie the Puppy Drink Her Water Will Cure All Your Problems

Did you have a long, hard day? Here, watch this adorable puppy drink her water and forget all your troubles—forget your boss, forget your crabby mother-in-law, forget that weird smell coming from under the sink. Just forget them all.


From the people at Run Auggie Run, this video is pretty great. But it's not as wonderful as Gertie's story: "Gertie has a cleft palate and was found in a dumpster at [one] day old. She was taken to the Mia foundation and we adopted her from there."

I have something in my eye. Sorry; BRB!

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I have THE WORST dog fever right now. (I go through dog fever like some women have baby fever. I never had that problem myself.) The sneeze, the diaper...DEAD.