Watch Your Bestie Kathryn Hahn Adopt a Stripper in Afternoon Delight

If you liked Kathryn Hahn in every little thing she's ever been in and were endlessly sad that her sitcom Free Agents with Hank Azaria was cancelled, you will be ecstatic that the trailer for her Sundance-approved movie Afternoon Delight has been released.


Hahn plays Rachel, a mom who appears to have it all except that she looks worn out, isn't having sex with her husband and decides to take in a 19 year old stripper (played by Juno Temple) who immediately throws her life out of/into whack, as strippers do. You've also got Jane Lynch as Rachel's therapist in a pair of amazing glasses with matching hair that any Warby Parker employee would covet, Jessica St. Clair as Rachel's best friend Stephanie who was fantastic in the criminally short-lived Best Friends Forever, Key of Key and Peele, Michaela Watkins who is always funny and Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother doing his indie street cred thing. Sort of like Friends with Kids, the LA version, perhaps.

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I think she lives in my neighborhood. I saw her playing with her child in our playground (that you wouldn't go to unless you were local - not a destination playground) and she made me feel so inadequate. She was playing and running around with gusto I never have.