Watch Uzo 'Crazy Eyes' Aduba Auditon for Every OITNB Character

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Your first question is likely "Does she do Red?" And I say to you, YES! Yes she does. Her Taystee's pretty great, too.


Uzo Aduba is the primary reason many of us watch Orange Is the New Black (right?) because even though it's an ensemble cast (not counting Piper who could just leave any time she wanted. Bye Felicia!) she's definitely a standout. Her ability to make viewers both laugh and cry makes her an amazing actress and Suzanne an unforgettable character. So what would happen if Aduba played all the characters on the show? You know what? It would be amazing. I have no idea who half of these characters are but if Aduba doing Poussey as Lil Jon doesn't make your day — "Skeet! Skeet! It's French!" — I'd just go back to bed and call this one a draw.

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Orphan is the New Black, starring Uzo Aduba playing every character in a show about a prison full of clones.