One of the most jarring details about childbirth is the controversial practice of episiotomy, a slight cut made in the vagina to ward off tearing. But you haven't experienced real body horror until you've seen this video demonstration, involving scissors and pink construction paper.

You will want to take an entire bottle of birth control pills after watching.

It's a clip from ABC's "The Doctors," spotted by Guyism (via Uproxx). First this woman—being rather alarmist about the practice, which many no longer think necessary—makes a slight cut, and that's horrifying enough. But then, to demonstrate what could happen without an incision, she punches through the paper. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, LADY, THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE MY VAGINA.

Oh, and she also refers to it as a "blowout of the vagina." As though it were a tire!

The audience members' faces say it all. They look like they're watching Human Centipede:



Why, God. Why????