Watch This Majestic Supercut of Drunk, Barfing NYC Brunch Patrons

To those unfortunate enough to live or stroll near NYC's Pranna on a weekend afternoon, the restaurant/club's unlimited drinks brunch deal only causes headaches. Stumbling out of the establishment are patrons intoxicated to the point of unruliness, barfing, daytime dick unsheathing, and other such booze-related nuisances. But to those of us sitting safely behind a laptop in Brooklyn (or North Dakota) and with access to a majestic classical soundtrack, the douchebags of Pranna brunch have produced perhaps one of the funniest (and most awful) videos of the summer of 2014.


A pissed off New Yorker has taken to filming sloppy patrons as they stumble out of the Flatiron District's hoppin'est brunch spot, several sheets to the wind and incapable of controlling their bodily functions. One video s/he shot earlier this year — starring Gerry "My Dad Owns Half of Fucking Manhattan" Shalam went a little bit viral on our sister site Gawker, especially when it turned out that Gerry Shalam's dad definitely did not even own half of Queens.

According to the poster of this round of anti-Pranna videos (via Gothamist), known only as Problematic Pranna, "People Spill Out Of Pranna After Brunch Intoxicated and Fall down, urinate, and vomit. It appears many people exit Pranna extremely drunk." In addition, after the unlimited brunch drinks deal is over, the party lingers on the street for several minutes, congesting sidewalk and vehicular traffic as clearly overserved patrons continue to be interesting to each other and obnoxious to everyone else.

Neither video contains a soundtrack, which gives them a kind of stark, sad feeling like the filmstrip flashback scene at the beginning of Up!. But just because the videos don't have their own soundtracks doesn't mean you can't add your own. I particularly liked the pairing of the first video with Copeland's "Simple Gifts" from Appalachian Spring, and Dodai suggests pairing either video with this cello arrangement of Rihanna's "We Found Love" perfectly suited for a wedding or a barf sesh. Or suggest your own. We have a discussion section for a reason!

On a serious note: Brunch is not a right; it is a privilege. And people who abuse that privilege like this willfully endanger it for those of us who are able to enjoy unlimited screwdrivers at 1 PM on a Saturday without getting fall-down, barf-on-sidewalk drunk. For shame.



I can do without vom close-ups, but I am cracking up about that taxi driver that was like, "NOPE."