Watch the Wild Trailer for the Upcoming Anthony Weiner Documentary

After Anthony Weiner fell dramatically from grace thanks to his “Carlos Danger” shenanigans, he tried his damnedest to mount a comeback via the 2013 New York City mayoral race. That blew up when news broke of still more sexting allegations. And we’ll soon get to see the documentary that promises an intimate, front-row seat to that ill-fated campaign.

Sample quotes: “Yes, I’m that Anthony Weiner—the one running for mayor.” “I can’t believe I gave the press the finger.” “We’re going to try to look like we’re holding together as a group.”


Vulture rounded up 17 fascinating moments from the movie, including:

The meeting at Weiner’s home where frustrated campaign members are invited to vent at their boss for having kept them in the dark, making them look like fools, and basically having them sign up for what is now a lost cause. It’s during that meeting that Abedin advises their visibly harried press secretary, Barbara Morgan, to consider the “optics” of her exit from the building. “I assume those photographers are still outside. So, you will look happy?” Abedin requests. Weiner ends the meeting by personally apologizing to the staffers. “There’s a lot of intensity, and I know I brought it onto you.

Honestly, it looks amazing, and it hits theaters May 20.

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punkrockprincess SSDGM

so, my friend/ex worked on this campaign, and the trailer doesn’t even come close to the level of batshit i’ve heard in some of his stories... i’m very excited to see what happens with this...