Watch the Trailer for Marisa Tomei and Hugh Grant's New Rom Com

Heavens be, how was this not common knowledge? Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei made a romantic comedy called The Rewrite. Grant stars as a washed up screenwriter forced to take a job as as college professor to make ends meet and Tomei plays his student. Yup, sounds about right.


It will not surprise you to learn that this new movie comes from Marc Lawrence, who also directed Grant in Two Weeks Notice and Music & Lyrics. From what we can see from the trailer (basically everything about the movie) Grant plays as much as a cad as he ever did: he stocks his classroom with pretty girls and at one point tells coworker Allison Janney (who is so good at playing teachers) that he doesn't care about Jane Austen because "I'm just a little tired of female empowerment."

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Hugh Grant in his usual role as snarky British intellectual + badass/sassy/smart female love interest + silly over the top situation = yea I'm totally seeing this. Zero fucks given. I love this shit.