Watch The Roots Lose Their Shit Over the '50 Shades' Trailer

Everyone's buzzing about the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, because Fifty Shades isn't so much a work of fiction as a culture-wide essay prompt. Easily the best take is this bit from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, who filmed The Roots reacting to a remixed version—with a scary scream-y face added.

Obviously, just like the rest of us who've fallen for that golden-oldie Internet prank over the years, they beautifully lost their shit.

Let this be a lesson that if you really want to get your pamphlet, sermon or inspirational message out there, just tuck it into copies of 50 Shades of Grey at your local Barnes and Noble, or splice it into the trailer and upload it to YouTube. Maybe let's start with some flyers about safe, emotionally healthy BDSM practices?

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I. LOVE. THIS. Honestly. I love them, and I love Jimmy Fallon, they all just seem so genuinely.....genuine.