When we last left The Bachelor, Kelsey was lying prone on the floor, suffering from either a real or fake panic attack. As Monday night's episode progressed, her hubris grew, but her luck did not.


Chris was basically an afterthought during this episode, which focused almost entirely on the in-fighting amongst the women vying for his heart. Kelsey in particular has quickly gone from being a unassuming nice girl to this season's true villain, all in a matter of episodes. After recovering from her panic attack (which didn't gain her any new fans; the other women hated that she said she'd better get a rose because of it), she bounced back fast. This encouraged her fellow contestants to try to cut her down; they confronted Kelsey about how rude they thought she'd been to them. Kelsey took it in stride, however, crediting her issues with them to how "articulate" she is.

The drama came to a head in a two-on-one date between Ashley, Kelsey and Chris that took place [DUN DUN DUNNN] in The Badlands. (Chris wrote on his blog that the helicopter ride there "was probably the most uncomfortable ride I have experienced in my entire life," referring to it as a "steamy chopper full of hate.")

Stuck on a weird threesome date with nothing but two women who hate each other and some wine in the middle of a desert mountain range, there wasn't much to do but bitch. Which is what Ashley and Kelsey did. First Ashley told Chris that Kelsey was "fake." Then Chris told Kelsey what Ashley said, which Kelsey took issue with. Then Kelsey confronted Ashley (seen in the clip above; while viewing, remember that there was no music playing during this moment, only the quiet of The Badlands). Then Ashley cried for possibly the 100th time during this season. Finally, Chris came to his senses, sending both Ashley and Kelsey home.

Kelsey wasted no time in breaking the fourth wall again by referencing how bizarre going on The Bachelor can be. She also repeated her message about her beautiful and tragic story:

My story is amazing. It's tragic and it's inspiring and it's beautiful. I am immeasurably blessed. I have no regrets because I did exactly what I came here to do and that's just challenge myself to the adventure of love. I'm gonna be ok because I've lost before and I've survived. I'm here. I rise above it.


Despite the fact that the episode literally ended with Chris flying away in a helicopter while the girls were left standing alone at opposite sides of this barren landscape, Kelsey will be fine. She's getting her own interview next week with Chris Harrison, and in the preview we see that she's as true to herself as ever, referring to her potential showdown with Ashley at the Women Tell All as "a crucifixion."


Ashley–who said to Chris "It's just so stupid that every time I'm around you I have to cry. It's like, what?" during last night's episode–well, her fate is unclear.


As for the other women: well, in peak Bachelor contestant behavior, they're happy Kelsey is gone.


Another one bites the dust.

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